Stakeholder engagement

Flying Group’s mission is to create value for all its stakeholders by setting new benchmarks in sustainable development in Pakistan.

Since its inception, the conglomerate has engaged with varied groups of stakeholders at different levels to understand their expectations and to make them partners in its journey towards sustainable development. As a measure of the importance of its stakeholders, the company has created dedicated engagement vehicles for some of its stakeholder groups.

Approach to stakeholder engagement
StakeholderModes of engagementFrequency
Shareholders and investorsAnnual General Meeting Investor Grievance Cell Board meetings/ communications Annual reportAnnual
Dealers and suppliers

Annual Channel satisfaction survey general meeting

Annual meet

Marketing meets



CustomersTechnical services team Camps, workshops, seminars, site visits, etc.Across the year
EmployeesEmployee engagement survey
Department specific meets and newsletters
Town hall, functions and programs
Community and NGOsCommunity advisory panel
Site-specific impact assessment
Government and regulatory authoritiesCompliance to laws
Representations to proposed legislations
MediaPress briefing and invitation to eventsOn an as-needed basis
Industry associationsCommittee meetings, policy papers, telecons, delegation, etc.On an as-needed basis