Research and Innovation

FGI’s strong credentials in research, development, and innovation have helped it develop new products and services tailored to the needs of its customers.

Innovation has been the hallmark of Flying group instead since its inception. The FGI’s strong credentials in research and development, and innovation have led to the development of new products and services to better serve the needs of its customers.

Flying group instead will lead by innovation and develop products, services and solutions with enhanced environmental and social performance compared to current standards. We will be a thought leader in the sector and drive transformation along the construction value chain. We will identify, promote and reward the most progressive concepts in the construction & Paper industry.

Our targets for 2025
  • Generate 1/3 of our net sales from our products and services with enhanced sustainability performance.
What we plan to

Keep innovation leadership in sustainable solutions

  • We will continue using our ideas, influence and research capabilities to build a portfolio of innovative, sustainable solutions that will benefit the environment and society as well as our business.
  • We will remain the group investing the most in research and development activities among international groups.

Drive thought leadership in the construction sector

  • We will lead strong cross-sectorial partnerships to optimize and synchronize the construction & paper manufacturing value chain.
  • By doing so, we want to drive the transformation towards a seamless, progressive and solution based construction & paper sector.
  • We want to create a pro-active network among leading players along the construction & paper manufacturing value chains, including supranational organizations and NGOs. The aim is to enable value chain transformation in fields like carbon savings down the value chain, energy efficiency, responsible sourcing of materials or common methodologies and tools to measure sustainable performance.

Promote the most progressive sustainable practices
The Flying group creates awareness of the importance of sustainable construction and paper usage among professionals and the public. Together with universities, the Flying group advances the academic discourse of sustainable practices by holding international symposiums.

Flying group also presents FG Awards on regional and global levels. The Awards are the most significant international competition for sustainable design. The group conducts academic symposiums – on topics such as low CO2 binders, recycling demolition & paper waste or life cycle economy of buildings & white cutting.