Investor relations

As a responsible corporate citizen, Flying group instead Group believes that the sole purpose of our existence is enhancing the shareholders’ value. All the internal processes at the Group are focused towards achieving this objective. Flying group instead Group’s external communication efforts are also focused in the same direction.

We regularly update the website regarding achievements about various Group companies. We also share with our investors and public at large, any significant developments in the business through media releases.

The Group has set high standards for ourselves in terms of disclosure and corporate governance and is committed to achieve them, in fact, surpass them.

As consistent with our commitment to the highest standard of corporate governance, each listed company in the Flying group instead Group maintains a proactive investor relations program. The objective of these programs is to keep the investment community well informed about our strategy, management actions, and business development. This is achieved by keeping regular contact with analysts, investors, current and future shareholders, and the media.

The guiding principles of our investor relations programs are:

  • Commitment and availability of top management
  • Consistent and adequate information at all times
  • Identical and simultaneous information for all investors
  • Honesty, transparency, and service-minded