Health & Safety

Flying Group is committed to achieving Zero Harm at its workplace. Strong emphasis on improving health and safety (H&S) parameters has helped the group substantially reduce the number of onsite injuries.

Four-STAGED strategy for health and safety

  1.  Reduce risks through people engagement
  2.  Reduce risks through people engagement
  3.  Reduce risks through people engagement
  4.  Reduce risks through people engagement

For Flying Group, its people are its most important resource. The company is committed to ensure the safety of all its employees, contractors and others connected with its operations, through its Zero Harm policy.

Flying group instead has substantially reduced the number of onsite injuries with its strong emphasis on improving health and safety parameters, reducing risks through people engagement, capability building, and strengthening health and safety management systems and processes. However, there is more to be done to achieve the group’s ultimate goal of achieving a Zero Harm workplace.

We Care – an umbrella initiative which covers all stakeholders – has played a seminal role in transforming Flying Group’s operations as well as attitudes towards safety. The We Care initiative has led the way in training and capability building, and has been spearheading the company’s efforts to achieve the goal of Zero Harm.

Employees adhere to these five rules at work:

  • I assess and control risks before starting any task
  • I only perform activities for which I am authorized
  • I never override or misuse health and safety devices, and I always use the required PPE
  • I do not work under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • I report all incidents