Achieving global standards

Environment Friendly

Vision 2025

Reaching unprecedented heights of sustainable productivity

Working towards a greener planet by reducing emissions and limiting our footprint on the environment

Continuous investment in R&D bolstering innovation and growth

Achieving economies of scale and accelerating maximum return to our stakeholders

Maintaining a safe and sound environment for our employee

The secret to more than 50 years of success of the Flying Group Conglomerate lies in our continuous struggle to derive maximum satisfaction from our stakeholders. Our circular business model is dawning a new era of shared sustainable development enabled by collaborating with our customers, employees, investors, suppliers and other stakeholders spread across the globe to tackle sustainability challenges. We empathise with the climate change plight affecting our planet today, which is why in accord with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) we are committed to sustainable economic development and innovation every inch of the way.

Climate Change

We have reduces fossil CO2 emissions per produced tonne of paper by 26.1% since 2005


We have reduce the chemical oxygen demand in our water discharge per produced tonne of paper by 37.5%.


We have reduced waste send to lanfil per produced tonne by 13.3% since 2013.


We achieved a reduction in lost Time Accident of 9% per year since 2013.

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